Welcome Home to Langston Terrace.

Langston Terrace provides high-quality urban condominium living in one of Kigali’s most desirable and well-serviced neighborhoods. The 8-unit apartment complex includes a mix of unit types with a modern design that balances style and affordability for middle-income buyers. You can enjoy owning your own home along with the convenience and cost savings of a condominium. Langston Terrace is located in Kibagabaga’s Sunset Villas neighborhood near the main road KG 19 Avenue. You will love the views of Kigali’s beautiful hills from your new home, and being well-located near the CBD (8 km/18 minutes), Kibagabaga Hospital, the Kigali Golf Club (4 km/10 minutes), Pili Pili, and other neighborhood amenities. 

At Urban Patch we know that we all deserve better housing, environments, communities, quality of life, and opportunities. The Langston Terrace condominium, named after the famous African American poet Langston Hughes, provides new housing development in Kigali based on sustainable urban development principles. We are creating a desirable mixed-income community suitable for first-time buyers and workers in need of affordable housing as well as for young professionals and growing families. Now is the time to own your future in Kigali!

3 Bedroom Townhomes

Our townhomes make quality urban living in Kigali enjoyable and more affordable. On the first floor there is a spacious living and dining room with a large kitchen area and wc. There is also a bonus room for guests, an office, or storage. On the second floor there are three bedrooms including a master suite with a private bathroom. Each 90 square meter townhome unit comes with a balcony or private garden area, one dedicated parking space and access to the shared laundry and parking areas. 

2 Bedroom Apartments

Our affordable apartments help make middle-income home ownership a reality in one of Kigali’s best neighborhoods. These units will be available only to buyers who meet government maximum income requirements for affordable housing. With two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a generous living and dining room, our apartments are great for young workers or families. Each 45 square meter apartment comes with a patio and access to the shared laundry and parking areas.

Affordable Housing

The 2 Bedroom Apartments at Langston Terrace are only available as affordable homeownership units to qualified income-eligible first-time buyers meeting the MININFRA or RHA requirements. 

Qualified buyers of affordable units must be from a household with monthly income at or below 1,200,000 Frw (assuming 20% down payment). The buyer must be a citizen or permanent resident in Rwanda and at least twenty-one (21) years old, except if the beneficiary is a full orphan. The buyer can not possess real estate or a house in an urban area or be the lessee of such estate with a remaining lease period of above ten (10) years or not be legally married to a spouse of an owner of such real estate or house. The buyer must commit himself/herself not to sell or lease for profit the affordable housing unit within a period of at least ten (10) years by signing a declaration. The sale or lease of an affordable housing unit before the ten-year period is subject to equity value repayment to ensure long-term affordability for the unit. The Apartment 4 accessible unit will be offered first to households with people who are mobility impaired.


Construction began in March 2019 and will be completed and available for occupancy beginning spring 2020. The three available affordable 2 bedroom units will be marketed first to persons registered for affordable housing with RHA but are available for any middle-income first-time homebuyer for owner occupancy as a primary residence.


Langston Terrace will be a private gated estate with a guardhouse. TH 1 and TH4 have private garden areas and TH 3 and TH3 have balconies. Apartments 1, 2, 3, and 4 have patios. All apartments come with kitchen cabinetry and a wardrobe for each bedroom. There are high-quality porcelain tile floors throughout with wall tiles in the bathrooms. Each of the units have independent 3,000-litre water storage tanks, hot water, and electrical service and lighting. Appliances are not included. The apartments will have a one-year limited warranty for construction defects.